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Oro Colato

La Baia's Saffron Cream

Our location on the shores of Lake Como is certainly fantastic, but it is not enough for us.

We would like the Ristorante La Baia® to be a unique culinary experience and for this reason we invest a lot in our training. Improving your technique and keeping up with the times is essential. Those who know us know well that we try to offer the best in any course. From appetizers to desserts, we focus on the quality of raw materials, on a careful and precise preparation that allows us to serve a dish that is not only tasty but also special for our diners.

Thanks to the help of a renowned Pastry Master, we were able to deepen the pastry for our kitchen. Most of the desserts in the restaurant were already prepared at the time of serving them but we were missing something...

Gianluca Fusto welcomed us to his laboratory in Milan where we rethought the recipes of La Baia. Modern techniques, expertly balanced ingredients and precision of gestures were the fundamental ingredients of our day as students with Keg.

The Crema Catalana? Maybe too simple

Why not think of something really special with a touch of zero-kilometer ingredients?
Gianluca Fusto helped us to prepare an exclusive recipe with Fili di Seta saffron produced in Gravedona by the Bonesi farm.

Emanuele and Ana, our new pastry chef, worked on this recipe until they achieved the desired result. A cold cream with saffron pistils from Lake Como.

In order not to cover the delicate flavor of saffron, a transparent almost liquid caramel that mirrors the cream and a Bugiallo chestnut sablé biscuit that accompanies the spoon in the tasting.

The final touch? Flakes of gold leaves to ennoble this dessert that elaborates a classic recipe to bring it even more elegant in our territory.

La Baia's Oro Colato (casted gold) is special and becomes an example that allows the restaurant to work with local products, allowing us to improve the positive network with local business.

- Alessandro



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