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Gastronomic Review Selvatica 2021

Meritorious Restaurant Award Winners

On the occasion of the official launch of the 2021 Selvatica Food Review this year we were awarded at Risto Expo:

Corrado and Ilario Castelnovo are Meritorious of the Enogastronomic Tradition of the Territory 2021

We thank Confcommercio Como, in the person of the President Giovanni Ciceri, the famous conductor Federico Quaranta and the starred Chef Cristiano Tomei who kindly rewarded us.

With great pleasure, the Ristorante La Baia® has been synonymous with quality catering throughout Lake Como for over twenty years and, especially in the last year, we have forged more and more relationships with local producers and companies that produce excellent products. A treasure to be protected, defended and celebrated with tasty dishes from our menu. After a really intense season, it is a good goal that returns our commitment with immense satisfaction.

A splendid opening for the event in which over 100 restaurants on Lake Como participate this year.

Selvatica 2021 is a moment of strong attraction for the area, and consists of an event created with the aim of encouraging the conscious consumption of the products of our land with particular reference to game and wild products from our valleys. For this reason our kitchen team has thought of a special menu that allows you to appreciate wild meats such as duck or deer, mushrooms and autumn flavors.

The aim of this exhibition is to raise the awareness of families, young people and lovers of good food to consume dishes based on game by combining them with the products that nature offers us spontaneously.

A good opportunity to taste autumn dishes by experimenting with unusual combinations that will amaze your palate!

Click here to download the PDF with the complete menu or click on the image on the side to see all the dishes.

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- Alessandro



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