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In Vipava to stock up on wine

The vineyards of La Baia

Hello! Did you miss us?

Saturday 12th February we are back in operation, just before the reopening of La Baia.

It could be an opportunity to spend a beautiful day on Lake Como and come and visit us on the Cremia lakeside.
In order not to make you run out of wine, these days we went for a tour of the Kraljič Winery.
Our friend Primos accompanied us to see the rows of his vineyard where he produces the Ribolla and Barbera destined for the Ristorante La Baia®.
Here you can see some photos of the day.
Together with him we did a nice tour among the vines and we tasted the wine that will arrive on the tables of the restaurant flared directly from the bottles of La Baia.
But by now you know ... when we move we leave nothing to chance!
We have been collaborating with Primos and his family for several years to produce the wines of our restaurant.
We firmly believe in their work and for this reason the Kraljič winery has reserved a part of the vineyard for us.

The wine of La Baia comes only from these vines and we had to celebrate this occasion together.

The hospitality of this company and the goodness of these wines is truly special. We care a lot about our suppliers but even more about our friends and Primos is certainly one of them. We hope that his passion will also reach your heart when you are here, sitting by the lake enjoying a glass of wine.

Stocking up, we went to a very special winery on our trip.
The Dornberg family is in fact entrusted with the honor of governing the cellar of Bled Castle, a historical legacy dating back to 1200. For them the wine from the castle cellar is a serious matter: each bottle is sold with its parchment scroll that testifies to it. the provenance so that anyone can understand its value.

This family is also entrusted with the care of the oldest vine in the world.

This 450-year-old vine still lives today in Marburg in Slovenia and produces about 20/30 liters of wine every year. Each year the harvest is celebrated with a solemn feast and the very small production is given away only to families who collaborate to take care of the vine and keep it healthy throughout the year.

We also visited Cantina Vipava 1894, a consortium whose roots date back to Roman times and the first registered winery in Slovenia in the very year of its name.
Over the years it has been continuously renewed but has remained at the center of the Vipava wine production. During the years of the Yugoslav dictatorship, this consortium harvested the grapes of all wine producers in the area every year and some wine tanks were built capable of holding up to 200,000 hectoliters of wine. An underground structure conceived and designed specifically for the massive production of wine. The facility is huge and still today gathers more than 350 producers and exports its products all over the world.

Before leaving, we went to another friend's for a moment of haute cuisine.

We went to Chef Fakuč in his Michelin Star restaurant DAM in Nuova Gorica.

It was an opportunity to confront ourselves with an elaborate cuisine and get to know his hand directly. Our Emanuele was hosted by the Chef in his kitchen to prepare some recipes with him. We believe that interesting ideas always arise from the comparison in the kitchen and when these possibilities happen to us we try to make the most of them to discover new things and experiment them at our restaurant.

Here we are, we are back with a lot of ideas in mind and we can't wait to put them into practice.
If you were waiting for nothing more than to return to the Bay, hold on a little longer it will be another wonderful season and if you want, reservations are already open HERE.

See you soon, right here, on the Cremia lakefront.

- Alessandro



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