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Special Menu with Cantine Angelinetta

Culinary itinerary with paired wines

the new Limited Edition menu that will accompany us until the end of June is a journey to discover the wines of the Cantine Angelinetta, wine producers, in Domaso and the cuisine of the La Baia® Restaurant.
This is a menu in which our kitchen has openly declared to raise level, look for the right combination to appreciate and enhance the flavors paired with wines produced right here on Lake Como.

How did the collaboration between Ristorante La Baia® and Cantine Angelinetta come from?

Amanti, Cantine Angelinetta's Classic Method sparkling wine, has recently entered in the guide of the 500 best sparkling wines in the world. In our opinion, having a cellar on Lake Como among these 500 labels is a source of pride, because for a long time the wines especially of the Cantine Angelinetta have been highly appreciated at La Baia and we recognize their value harvest after harvest.

For this reason, in the kitchen the team wanted to create a culinary journey dedicated to the tasting of three excellent wines in combination with recipes created specifically to enhance them. Together with Chef Ilario and Emanuele, our chefs have thought up a dish for each course using seasonal ingredients such as chard and morel and interesting combinations with aromatic herbs that give the right nuance to the recommended dishes.

- Amanti, Classic method sparkling wine
served alongside a fragrant Mediterranean Amberjack Tartare with Hendrick's Gin-scented cucumber juice
- Occhi Blu, Sauvignon
accompany the homemade Tagliatelle with a Monkfish ragout and creamy chard
- Pietrerose, Merlot
it seems made especially for our Spugnoletto. A Rack of Lamb served with its base, almost a glaze, and a Bernese sauce and morel mushrooms from Lake Como.
- Finally, a sweet variation of the Italian Caprese. A soft, fresh and surprising dessert!

From appetizer to dessert, this menu brings into play the technique, experience and ability of our team to experiment in the kitchen, the care of seasonal ingredients and the attention to maintaining balance with the taste of the paired wines.

For this culinary reason it is perfect in its complete formula (dishes and wines) and you have the feeling of trying it like that.

Here you can read the complete menu or you can book a table HERE and come and taste it at La Baia


Cantine Angelitta

They are located in Domaso on Lake Como, they were born in 2008 from the desire of Emanuele and Eleonora to transform their family production inherited from the past into a small professional oenological reality. The winery is located inside the splendid villa of Professor Leo Miglio (son of Professor Gianfranco Miglio, an illustrious political scientist and pioneer of professional Larian enology). The terraces are immersed in a suggestive panorama that opens to the Upper Lake.

The peculiarity of the work of Emanuele and Eleonora consists in supporting and maintaining the particularities of the grapes giving the wine a personal stylistic imprint. The loose and sandy soils, their orography and the cool and not dry climate give the wines freshness, aroma and finesse. Each bottle thus summarizes the characteristics of this territory.

- Alessandro



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