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Celebrate with us at La Baia!

Why celebrate Christmas only in December?

At Ristorante La Baia® we give gifts in October! We want to thank our customers for choosing us not only in words! There is no trick and there is no deception, we just like to thank our customers with a nice thought before concluding our season.

How does it work?? Simple!

Only from 1st September to 1st October

by booking or coming to eat here at La Baia we will give a sealed envelope for each table. There are only 1500 envelopes and in each one there is a SUPER giveaway! To have our Early Christmas gift, you will have to resist curiosity and keep the envelope sealed.

From 1st October to 1st November

it will be time to receive your gift. Returning here to the restaurant with the envelope still closed, just open it together with a member of the staff who will deliver the gift contained on the envelope coupon!

What gift are hidden in the envelopes?

Well, we have thought of something special for everyone!

The TOP envelopes: contain a € 1000 voucher and another three for € 500. You can use it to organize a party with whoever you want here at the La Baia® Restaurant, an opportunity not to spare yourself while enjoying an evening with friends.

We then selected two excellent wine producers: Malvirà and Klet.

These bags contain bottles of fine 5Lt Roero Arneis or 5Lt Quercus White Selection. Two wines that express their territory in the glass: the Roero north of Alba and the Slovenian Collio near Gorizia.

Then, only for Early Christmas

Timoncello®: the Liqueur of Lake Como 

Rediscovers an original recipe from the early 1900s. Baldassare Castelnovo, host in Civate, decided to work on his own recipe to bring the highly appreciated lemon liqueur to the lake area. A natural product obtained from the infusion of IGT Italian Lemons and Thyme from the Lake.

And again the Medeghino

The salami that takes its name from the famous leader who in the 1500s made the Rocca di Musso his very dangerous den on Lake Como. Gian Giacomo Medici, known as Medeghino, forced the butchers of Dongo to produce sausages for his castle! He was the Pirate From Musso.

These and others are the prizes contained in the Early Christmas envelopes signed by the La Baia® Restaurant!

All that remains is:
1. Book a table in September and come to La Baia

2. Draw the lucky envelope and keep it sealed

3. Open the envelope with us in October and collect a SUPER gift!

It will be a great opportunity to say goodbye before the seasonal closure!

Consult here all the Official Regulations.



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