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New Summer Special Menù

With the arrival of these beautiful temperatures and the terrace always open for lunch and dinner we had no doubts:
the new menu was supposed to be a hymn to:

Summer Desire

We called it that because you will find dishes that speak of summer, of the lakefront, of sunsets, of days at the beach and of a table with a lake view ready to make us relax and enjoy a nice tasty dish.

This year we all need it, it is the right time to return to enjoy the freedom and beauty of Lake Como in all its splendor.

The happiness of summer is priceless and for this reason we have chosen to use precious ingredients such as the Red Prawns of Mazara del Vallo, the Lobster, the Cod, the Artichokes and an old acquaintance of La Baia: the Baikal Caviar!

Working on this menu was really exciting.
In the kitchen they have taken care of every detail: from the quality of the fish, to the search for the best technique to enhance each dish.

Each course is wonderfully summery, fresh, with a soft and refreshing taste.

I would like to entice you with some anticipation!

An appetizer that is a triumph of colors: we have a cous cous salad with Red Prawns and Caviar, perhaps accompanying it while sipping a good glass of white by the lake.
The lunch starts really well, this first course refreshes the palate and impresses with the flavor of the prawns and gazpacho preparing us for the next dish.

Just like being at the seaside:

linguina with tomato water, pesto and a beautiful lacquered lobster with tomato sauce and puffed buckwheat beads. Let's roll up the fork and enjoy!

Cod, cooked at low temperature ...
Oh well... you will discover this combination with variations of artichokes for yourself when you come to taste the new summer menu! Can't reveal everything, right?

I can only tell you that to conclude with a flourish Emanuele and Francesco have prepared a delicious Tartlet with Apricots, Hazelnuts and Chocolate
Aroma, taste and textures, served with fresh sorbet that refreshes the mouth and concludes the experience on the lakefront and let us enjoy the air that always blows here in the Cremia Bay.

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We look forward to being able to offer you the experience of summer sitting here in the bay of Cremia!

See you soon!

- Alessandro



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