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Wild Delights from Lake Como

Limited Edition menu for autumn

Here it is, as every year we present the last special menu of the season and want to accompany you towards the beginning of autumn to discover the products of the Lake Como area. This is why we are again this year joining the Rassegna Gastronomica Selvatica 2023, which will start on 16th October. You can read the full menu here

To start this menu on a lighter note, we have chosen duck, which gently introduces us to fresher, autumnal flavours. The fresh, sweet notes of saffron pear accompany the duck breast ham.

This is where our journey begins. In the cocoa ravioloni, on the other hand, we wanted a filling that would 'burst' in the mouth, recalling the flavour of classic braised wild boar, accompanied by the creaminess of the lard and the aromas of the undergrowth in the porcini mushroom broth.

Roe deer evoked in us almost like a memory of alpine cuisine. We prepared a typical game dish, more 'rustic', which we hope will take you to the high mountains with its flavours.

The dessert that concludes our gastronomic journey in style is an old acquaintance. It is the dessert that last year was among the most popular of the entire season. Made from chestnuts, it envelops the palate with its soft textures and round, enveloping flavours. 

We hope to pleasantly accompany you towards the cold season by making you appreciate the raw materials of our territory with curiosity and taste.

- Alessandro



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